Want thick, luscious lashes in 20 mins?

Now you can have them!

Let's Go lash extensions have been designed for busy girls who want ultra-alluring eyes in double-quick time. There are a range of options to choose from...

Individual lashes or strip lashes...the choice is yours

You can get that sexy, full Let's Go lashes look with either individual or strip lashes. There’s no difference on that score. The main difference is in the application and how long they will last.

Let's Go Lashes

Individually applied lash extensions

Dubbed the "lash in a flash", Let's Go lash extensions take just 20 minutes to apply. There is a fantastic range of styles to choose from and they last up to 2 weeks!
They are are popular with many professional make-up artists. You'll have seen Let's Go lashes gracing the eyes of various celebrities. Now you can have celebrity glamour at an affordable price, starting at just £25.

Let's Go Strip lashes

If you want to change your lashes look daily, then you might want to try our exciting range of Let's Go strip lashes... Intended for short term wear, remember to remove them before bed…no matter how late or early it is! Prices start at £10.00

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